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All in the name of porn, tempeh and the lulz.

What happens in the AIM Chat Party, Stays in the AIM Chat Party.

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"does it come in orange?", "i wanked.", aim chat parties, archaeologist hipsters, ashton doesn't like this, be brave: syp, beaver nupples, bvvi files of the future!, canadian doesn't get degrassi-reference, capslock gifs and photo-manips, circle combat jerk, crack with a side of cray cray, darth wanker, deep fried ice cream, dick winters' thighs, do it for porn, don't mention stark sands, don't tempeh fate, douche points going dowwwwn, drinking alone in my room, elves-es, fitzwinkle the pedo, four lube allotment, fuckface roos, gay gay homosexual gay, gay upper left corner, giving up social lives, heidi heidi ho!, hello john! good afternoon john!, hipspital, hoosiers basketball team, hours of operation: 10pm-5am, hshp, i ship everyone/everyone, i got aim just for this, ilewe, is the tattoo real?, jacob pitts is too big!, jacob pitts is always relevant, jacob/stark pumpkin patch, jesus loved dinosaurs, joe/james it was fate, jon seda photobomb, joye joye joye, king of the crackenuts, life choices: porn or television?, marines are just hipsters, mission get stark drunk, my font feels loud, nate fuck, needs more booze, nipples aren't gay, not jesuit material, organic vegetables, pj is a polly pocket, plaid conventions, popzine: who should be a jobro?, possibly things that aren't war dramas, raptor photoshops, repressed old victorian men, secret bingo boozing, semper suck it, shpsfh, skittles hustler and death, smp, snagu = creepy pasta, so ginger, solving mysteries, soups are niiiiice, soy products, spaghetti is creepy pasta, swaggah and sass, syp the rap, too much beaver kid, whalewolves!, where's chuckler?!, who is that? leiiibbbgotttt